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Promoting Sustainable Practices

The Inn Toca Da Coruja is proud to promote, and always have promoted a program based on sustainable practices, in which respects and protects not only the environment but also the human being.

Considering the importance of cultural diversity, the inn was created with the purpose of promoting the local culture. This concept goes from the architecture and decoration of the bungalows (which refer to the architecture of colonial farms) to the labor used in the inn.

Some of the actions taken by the Toca da Coruja are:

  • Program that operates in energy efficiency (use of occupancy sensors, saving lamps, automatic buoys and preventive maintenance);
  • Water Conservation (use of toilets with attached box);
  • Water and energy saving awareness campaigns with employees and guests;
  • Waste treatment (composting, selective collection, among others) that are used in the garden and in the lodge gardens;
  • Support the local community (stimulating hiring local employees, youth empowerment - first job, Environmental Education program, participation in NGO-NEP - Ecological Nucleus of Pipa)
  • Valuing culture and local architecture; Partnership with local suppliers and producers and preservation of local fauna and flora.