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Toca da Coruja

The  Toca da Coruja belongs to Roteiros de Charme, association of hotels that are selected because they are charming with high quality of faciliteis, and especially, lodging facilities that are committed to preserve the environment, that is, serve well with maximum attention to meet guests' needs, without compromising the future of coming generations.

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Located in one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Pipa, Tibau do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte, old fishing village well preserved, despite having become a very popular destination for those who like to alternate rest with agitation.

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The hotel is built in an area surrounded by 25,000 m² of beautifully manicured gardens with trees and natural plants of the region. The colonial style bungalows with specially mined parts, gives the space an environment that combines sophistication, elegance and authenticity.

There are 12 Luxury Bungalows - 130 m² - in all of them, you will have available hot tubs in the solarium outdoors and just call an employee that it will prepare a bath for relaxing there. The hostel has further 16 Bungalows Special - 60 m² - cozy and romantic to spend pleasant days - also with whirlpool bath (internal).

While staying at the Toca da Coruja, you can hire buggy rides, boat or bike to unlock the wonders of the region, or even practice surf and kitesurfing . But if sport is not exactly your travel style, Toca da Coruja has two ionized pools - one with Jacuzzi - with bar service to cool off while enjoying the sun taking a delicious drink. A few meters from the beach, you can still swim in the sea alongside dolphins.

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We also have a functional studio, sauna, reading room and games, video library with over 1,000 titles of movies, shop with crafts that decorate the inn, restaurant (Restaurant Oca Toca), wine cellar, beach bar (Bar Yahoo) and massage services (Spa Toca da Coruja by L'Occitane).

For those who like to alternate rest with agitation, the hostel is also strategically located on the main street: close to great restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs. And when you want to disconnect from the buzz, just go back to Toca da Coruja, take a sauna or simply lie in the hammock and contemplate the green, marmosets and varied birds that usually visit the property.